Sunday, 10 July 2011

The End of the Weekend

It's coming to the end of the weekend and I thought it would be nice to update you all (my avid readers(!)... come on, talk to me!) on the way I've filled these precious 48 hours off work

First up I made my Lady Luck Rules OK DIY Bracelet which I purchased from eBay now that proprietor Leona has shut up shop and refocused her attention on new venture Thrift-ola. I was lucky enough to have my Step Dad give me a pair of small flat nosed pliers (no way I was paying £12.50 for a pair when the bracelet only cost £4.50!)...

So, this crafting adventure awoke a long dormant crafting bug and I pulled out my first copy of Mollie Makes I started at issue 3 and I set to work on my fabulously floppy felt flower ring! I chose to use the two shades of grey felt and the 'rose' style ring...

And then, whilst wandering the aisles of Hobby Craft on Saturday I acquired a simple scrapbook and started decorating it today with some odds and sods I found in my old craft box

Last week, I signed up to Shimelle's Scrapbooking course 'Explore', so hopefully I'll have a good opportunity to improve upon my work so far... it's been a long while since I scrapbooked

So, as the weekend comes to an end all there was left for me to do was check my Google reading list - all of the blogs I subscribe to - but you knew that, right? And I discovered that there's an Android App for Reader, so now I can read on the go! As well as blog (though Blogger doesn't allow me to upload more than one picture and Reader doesn't allow me to comment... frustrating, much?!) on the go, I can also keep up to date with all of my favourite, wonderful bloggers!

Good night, God bless

Nanna Kate X

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